Tuesday, June 1, 2010

masam-masam manis

My sister's name is Puteri qistina syakira ..
~a mischievous person.. one that always makes me smile
~an intelligent .. friendly when talking with other

~a funny when talking about herself..(nak marah dia pun jadi susah taw)..haha
~her hobby is catching pictures with my handhone..
ntahlaa saya tak pernah ajar dia pun main-main tangkap gambar nihh..
like father like son..haha

my house felt lonely when she is not in the house

you'll smile when you see her smile

tahi cicak..saya bekulit hitam dan dia berkulit cerah

yess..!i also have my hair same like my brother hair...hehe

euwwww..!!nak makan abg..!!

thats all about us..
very simple short stories..~

1 comment:

Firdaus® said...

hahhaah..taik cicak salam adik hang tu..hwehehhee~

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