Monday, October 25, 2010


Photography: the art of 'seeing'...There is more to it. Photography has been a good way to freeze those memorable moments in time.

Nowadays, as we can see many of people like photography, Simply because I can use my creativity in which every way I like through my work....and instead of feeling like I am being watched...I feel like the I am hidden behind the camera. That gives me a sense of confidence to show my creativity even more. 

Can u imagine..??without the camera can u recall the memories of your time with friends, family, lovers,nature and your activity during leisure time.
I like it because almost everybody has a camera, but very few know how to make something spectacular with it. I am trying to be part of the few.
Sometimes photography  allows me to bring this beautiful world and the people in it to the eyes of thousands across the world. PHOTOGRAPHY is my escape from my personal health problems, into a world of beauty, where one can see through the lens, all the things that make this world a better place. 

It is also a world of real life issues, fantasy, escapeism, fun, laughter, sadness, joy, tears, and most of all, its a place where all the people that come into your life, love the same thing, yes, photography

~On a selfish note, it motivates me to try new things, go new places and meet new people. 

~On a a super selfish note, I love the way we are looks and can truly see where I have been and where I hope to go by viewing it myself...

thats all..thankx you..~


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